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As a teacher, Johanna-Adele loves to tailor the lessons to suit each student or group. It is important that the students experience both challenges and success in their learning process. She is a kind teacher who tries to help her students find the joy of making music, enjoy the sounds, and feel physically good along the way. Self evaluation and focusing on different elements of music-making play an important role in the lessons.


She has taught children and adults at all ages and playing abilities, led courses at different camps, and given lectures about Estonian and Nordic traditional music.

Teaching languages: Estonian, Norwegian, English, Swedish

Solo lessons: tunes, technique, ergonomics

Group lessons focusing on interplay and/or technique, production

Lectures about Estonian traditional music / fiddle tradition, Nordic folk music


Johanna-Adele has taught at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Estonian Music and Theatre Academy, Tallinn Old Town Music School, Verdal Culture School, and Målselv Culture School. She has the experience of leading various courses (Pärimusa Folk Camp, Estonian Ethno, Reval Etno, Kyrkogårdsö Folk Camp, to name a few) and giving workshops in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Iceland, and Denmark.

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